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A new and sophisticated emitting equipment of the ultraviolet B rays to 311 [nm] can eliminate the cutaneous dyschromias caused by the vitiligo. It is about THE LATEST GENERATION MICROPHOTOTHERAPY BIOSKIN EVOLUTION® performed with an innovative equipment, which emits in a specific and selective way a bundle of ultraviolet light of type B able to stimulate the dormant melanocytes cells gradually, thus allowing to look after the disease in the least time possible and not to increase the contrast of colour between the healthy skin and the patched vitiligo.

To obtain this result biomedical engineers supported by dermatologists researchers they have planned and built an electronic generator, protected by an international patent, with a very high percentage of UVB rays able to focus the light bundle exclusively on the vitiligo spots while using a particular optic fibre.

The emitted UVB rays are the most effective ones in the therapy of the vitiligo because they stimulate in an optimal way the melanocytes and are active on the immune system of the skin. The bibliography in our web site lists the principal international scientific works documenting the effectiveness and lack of noteworthy negative side effects of the therapeutic UVB rays on the human skin for the dosages relating to the BIOSKIN EVOLUTION® therapy.

Otherwise from all therapeutic approaches which use ultraviolet radiation on full cutaneous surfaces, the BIOSKIN EVOLUTION® therapy, because it only conveys microdoses of energy on the affected cutaneous zones, does not provoke the photo ageing of the skin. The BIOSKIN EVOLUTION® therapy is adapted to the requirements of every individual patient, as well with regards to some characteristics of emission of the ray as for the duration of each therapeutic treatment.
We are in any event able of providing a general model of the BIOSKIN EVOLUTION® therapy. Every session, carried out exclusively by a doctor, it consists of an irradiation of the UVB rays on the spots concerned only, excluding any healthy part.
The ray, conveyed by optical fibre is applied for a maximum duration time of 10 seconds on every square centimetre of the spot. Thanks to the use of a diaphragm placed on the terminal of the optical fibre and which is modified according to the characters of the interested area, the doctor can modify the diameter of the area to be treated for any particular case.
Different to the other therapies based on the use of the UVB, this one doesn't provoke any pain, burn or other discomfort, neither during the treatment nor in the following days.
The therapy must be repeated once per month, effecting altogether 1-3 sessions in the same day in accordance with the therapeutic protocol determined by the dermatologist for each individual patient. The therapy has never highlighted any negative side effects. The treatment has a variable general duration in accordance with the extension of the affected zones and the reaction of the subject. There are conditions of relatively constant reaction for each patient. The face, the groin, the armpits, the genitals, the neck, the breast and the thighs are the areas which repigment first, while the terminal zones close to the fingernails of the hands and the feet require in general, a superior lapse of time.
Usually after 8-10 sessions it is possible to have an idea of the recovery speed of each spot of vitiligo for each individual patient.